How Can You Help

The local planning authority has granted planning permission for the construction of the new Glyn Hall.

It has been almost three years since a group of brave souls had the vision, energy and commitment to preserve Margaret Glyn’s Legacy. Now the hard work begins, we need the community to stand behind this project and support it financially and physically.

It has been said that no one will look at the video below or read the words within it, that may be the case. It is also said that the average human attention span is 8.25 seconds; a new study suggests that the average attention span of a goldfish (yes, that’s correct) is 9 seconds.  So, not wishing to be out done by our aquatic cousins, check out the video below. It’s not all bells and whistles or flashing lights but it does tell the story and its only 6 minutes long.

So now you know the why, can you, would you, help with the how.

Once the new hall has been completed it will be a community asset. Unique in its design as well as its history.  Since this little hall’s conception, it has been a non-profit entity, providing a service to the community.

Why do we need another hall in the village, good question. The answer is in its uniqueness. The primary thing Glyn Hall provides is a place to meet with no hidden agenda. A local, nondenominational space with a community feel.  In the past Glyn Hall has been a springboard for many small businesses due to its smaller size and non-profit fees.

Be a part of it

Anyone and everyone can make a donation, regardless of age or status.

Any individual, group, or business that does will have their name recorded on a donor wall inside the hall. Those who wish to remain anonymous of course can do so or we can use your initials.

Your security is important to us, all donations via this website are managed through PayPal and Crowdfunder.

You can donate to this project by clicking on the links below

To donate via PayPal Giving fund click here

To donate via CrowdFunder click here