Progress So Far

Why we need to change

July 4th 2024

The chair of the trustees will contact Sky Lark Architecture to request the process to get the discharge process underway is given urgent attention.

June 17th 2024

The archaeological survey report has now been received. We will now seek to discharge this planning condition.

June 4th 2024

The soil analysis has now been completed. The natural ground comprised of weathered chalk to a proven depth of 5mts

May 20th 2024

The archaeological survey has now been completed and we are now waiting the full report to discharge one of our planning conditions.

Although some fragments of suspected Roman pottery were found along with some medieval refuse, there was nothing of significant interest.

However, one of the trial pits did reveal an old estimated Victorian soakaway. We never thought we would say something underground was so beautifully crafted.

Completed Trial Pits

May 17 2024

UK Power Networks visit site to survey and cost the move of the power supply cable to enable safe demolition and continued power to site during construction.

May 16 2024

Compass Archaeology start the excavation of trial pits

3 May 2024

Four areas exposed as per drawing supplied by Compass Archaeology. The carpet, flooring and floor joists have been removed in two areas inside the hall. The storage shed was removed for the third pit and the tarmac surface removed in the carpark area to expose bare earth. These trial pits are now ready for the archaeologists to excavate. Click the link below for pictures.


6 April 2024

Fundraising begins with a stall in Ewell Village. A lot of local interest was shown in the project and villages gave freely to support the building of the new community hall.

2 April 2024

Compass Archaeology instructed to proceed with archaeological survey. Four inspections pits will be opened to determine is significant archaeology exists on the site before building work can progress.


Proposal: Detached two storey building to provide community hall following demolition of
existing single storey community hall and outbuildings
Location: Glyn Hall, Cheam Road, Ewell, Surrey, KT17 1SP.
Application Number: 23/01310/FUL
Epsom & Ewell Borough Council as the local planning authority has GRANTED PLANNING PERMISSION for the above development